Medical professionals

1. Available Healthcare Job Opportunities

After registering on the Duceus Portal, it's time to complete your profile and review job listings in your category. Once you've found a suitable job posting, it's time to apply for the open position.

2. Applying for a Job

Applying for an open job position requires that you have previously filled out the Duceus Portal work biography form. The work biography, filled out in the German language, is submitted as part of your job application. If you wish to use one of your previously created biographies, Duceus also offers that option.

3. Online German Language Learning

A parallel process to your job application is learning the German language. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Duceus Portal and learn the German language up to a B1 language level.

4. Diploma Recognition Process

Another process that runs parallel to the aforementioned steps is the process of diploma recognition. Depending on the state in which your future employer is located, the responsible institution for diploma recognition varies. You can find all information about the general documentation and guidelines for this process within the Duceus Portal.

5. Visa Application Process

Once you have successfully completed all the previous steps, it's time to start collecting the necessary documentation for obtaining a German visa. From applying for an appointment at the embassy to preparing for your scheduled appointment, Duceus Portal provides all the necessary information.

6. Integration into the New System

Have you found an employer? Has your diploma been recognized in the German education system? Have you successfully completed the visa application process? It's time to relocate! Reserve your ticket! Do you think that's all? The integration process starts from the moment you step onto German territory. Everything that can help you integrate into the German system as quickly as possible can be found on the Duceus Portal.