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Efficient Personnel Solutions with Duceus Portal

Are you looking for an ideal solution to the labor shortage issue you’re facing? Due to the shortage of labor, the workload is being distributed among too few employees. The effects of this approach are evident in the operation:

  • Continuous Overtime
  • Employee Overload and Dissatisfaction
  • Increased Number of Sick Leaves
  • Frequent Turnover and Absenteeism

Is your company at a stage where you have ample resources for business expansion, but not enough personnel to execute this expansion? Are you stuck in day-to-day operations despite having all the opportunities for growth at your disposal? Have you exhausted all resources and channels for recruitment within your country? Do you want to expand your search beyond the EU, yet you are still unsure about the process of hiring employees from abroad of all categories?

Advertising in other countries is a significant investment and, in addition to human resources, requires substantial expertise in terms of legal regulations and recognition processes. Answers to these and other questions related to employing foreign workers can be obtained by purchasing a package from the Duceus employer offering.

By purchasing our service through our website, you gain access to the Duceus portal. Access to the portal allows you to create a personal account and post unlimited job listings in as many professional categories as you wish.

The duration of job listings is unlimited, and you can deactivate them at any time. Once you post a job listing, it becomes visible to all portal users. In addition to unlimited job listings, we also provide you with a ‘Company Section’ where you can find all the techniques and methods of Human Resource Management.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to work with foreign personnel and are uncertain about the arrival process, we offer precise answers to questions such as what documents are required for entry, which institutions to contact and when, how long the process of foreign worker arrival takes, and more. This is another service we offer on our unique portal.

By purchasing and registering on our portal, you will solve the workforce shortage issue in your company in the long term.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to provide comprehensive guidance via phone or email

06103 / 8700 267



+ Vat
  • User account on the Duceus portal
  • Technical support for creating a user account
  • User account allows for ongoing updates
  • Company description (up to 5000 characters)
  • Company images upload
  • Upload of a company video presentation
  • Access to the user account for 12 months
  • Advertisements:
  • Unlimited number of job placements
  • Unlimited number of updates
  • Advertisement duration of up to one year
  • Unlimited number of work locations
  • Ads visible on the Duceus portal for up to one year
  • Additionally
  • Online interview with the selected candidate through our portal (Zoom platform)
  • Individual contact person
  • Opportunity to advertise on Duceus social networks (FB/IG/LI)
  • Visibility of the company logo on the Duceus website and the Duceus portal
  • Providing an interpreter for eight one-hour Zoom interviews
  • Company presentation via Zoom or various platforms - Live company presentation
  • Visa Process (Information)
  • Blue Card - Skilled Workers - Recognition Procedure (Information)
  • Onboard- Employee Integration (Information)
  • HR Blog
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