Together, we will find the solution to the skilled labor shortage in your company.

Duceus is your strategic partner in addressing skilled labor shortages for companies based in the United Arab Emirates, with a particular emphasis on Dubai. Our tailored solutions, accessible through the Duceus portal and our established representations in the Balkan Countries, Turkey, and Germany, empower you to seamlessly and securely acquire the essential human resources your business requiers. Leveraging our extensive network with chambers of commerce and industry in these key regions, we facilitate swift connections with highly qualified professionals, ensuring your workforce needs are met with efficiency and precision. 
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Our experience in numbers

For over 8 years, Duceus has been connecting foreign employees with companies in Germany.

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Most popular professions

Medical professionals
+2071 Members

+493 Members

+716 Members

+443 Members

+460 Members

+553 Members

Construction worker
+1152 Members

Painter and decorator
+1348 Members

CNC Milling Machine Operator
+658 Members

Automotive Mechanic
+1100 Members

+1254 Members

+962 Members

Heating installer
+424 Members

Forklift driver
+397 Members

+863 Members

Roofing specialist
+648 Members

Dachdecker / in
+1060 Members

University graduate
+563 Members

+440 Members

Bus driver
+938 Members

+1148 Members

+1388 Members

Engine driver
+448 Members

+482 Members

Opportunity - Investment - Future
DUCEUS connects you!

More about Duceus

Years of work in the field of employing foreign workers in German companies have led Duceus to evolve from a small company into a synonym for expertise in understanding the rules and procedures necessary for recruiting and employing foreign professionals. With three offices covering countries in Western and Southeastern Europe, we support our Duceus Portal, which, in addition to facilitating online connections between interested employers and employees, also provides a wide range of service information that you may need.

Und so funktioniert´s:

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Duceus Website

What you can find on the Duceus website and in the Duceus portal? What are our services, and how can we help you achieve your goal to the best of our ability? Listen to everything briefly in our video.

Duceus Portal- An ideal solution for your company

With our job portal, you have the ideal solution to efficiently meet the demand for skilled professionals. Embrace diversity and innovation by bringing talented foreign professionals into your company.


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Does your company need workforce?

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Funktionsweise des Duceus-Portals für Arbeitgeber. Wie Ihnen der Duceus-Portal bei der Anwerbung und Einstellung ausländischer Arbeitskräfte helfen kann, erfahren Sie in unserem kurzen Einführungsvideo.Schauen Sie sich die Seite für Arbeitgeber an und wählen Sie das Duceus Arbeitgeber-Paket aus.


Are you seeking employment opportunities in Germany?

Learn more about the functionality of the Duceus portal for foreign employees. Discover how the Duceus Portal can assist you upon  your arrival and employment in Dubai by watching our brief introductory video. Visit  the page dedicated to foreign workers additional information.

Journey from the homeland to Dubai

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Always up to date

Explore the news page to discover all the latest and important information about the Duceus- check it out and stay informed


How did it all begin?

It all began with the idea of an individual, aiming to expand services for a broad range of users, including both employees and employers. With the support of dedicated team members, we were able to bring together experts from various scientific fields, forming a robust and cohesive team that provides assistance throughout the entire process.

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