About Duceus

With over 8 years of experience in the healthcare sector as a service provider and recruiter for foreign workers, Duceus has the highest expertise required for the operation of the medical industry. We have now expanded this experience to other sectors as well and are working to meet the same high standards here.

Duceus Office

The perfection we strive for in our work, we also aim to achieve in the design of our work environment. Our guiding motto is: “A cluttered workspace means cluttered work habits. A sloppy work environment leads to sloppy results.” – Larry Winget. Our offices are designed in a modern style. We make ample use of open spaces for collaborative meetings, idea exchange, and, of course, the occasional celebration. While we are committed to a modern open-space design, each employee has their individual space – closed offices where the magic happens. Our headquarters are located in the Business Forum Center in a quiet area in Dreieich, Hesse, near Frankfurt. The blend of modernity, individuality, and simplicity is complemented by the warmth of collectivism and a sense of community, making our company unique.

Duceus Team

Who is Duceus and what is it? Duceus is a mechanism that would be nothing without the people who constitute it. These are our colleagues! Each of us brings new knowledge, acquired experiences, and energy that perfectly complements everything we have created so far. All our colleagues are analytical, enthusiastic, and each of them is an integral part of a special Duceus system. Without our collective strength, we would not exist.

Duceus Stellenangebote

Call center, talking and happy woman in office for communication, support and contact us for customer service. Smile, telemarketing and sales agent, consultant or employee listening to conversation.

Vertriebsmitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Janitor Cleaning Office Desk. Hygiene Cleaner Service

Reinigungsfachkraft (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Female professional giving a high five to her colleague in conference room. Group of colleagues celebrating success in a meeting.

Marketingmitarbeiter/in (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Your Benefits at Duceus


We are constantly looking for qualified, cheerful, friendly, empathetic, and reliable colleagues who can enrich our team!

We are very proud that our team has been working together since day one, with a 98% retention rate, and continues to grow together. This shows us that DUCEUS is doing many things right as an employer. In addition to above-average salaries, a great and cheerful team atmosphere with shared lunches and spontaneous events, we always try to address the occasionally unexpected personal incidents of our employees – so far, we have found a solution for every problem or request!

Would you like to be a part of our DUCEUS family as well? Apply in an unconventional way with a short video on our social media platforms or in a traditional manner with a job application. Besides your professional qualifications, which are a fundamental requirement, your personality is important to us. We look forward to getting to know you!