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Accelerate Your Path to Employment in Germany with Duceus Portal

The issue of labor shortages in all sectors has been prevalent in Germany since the 1950s. The scarcity of labor primarily originated in the service sector, where positions mainly required lower qualifications, but it also extended to jobs not requiring any qualifications. Today, this situation has significantly shifted in favor of employees, as the shortage of skilled workers spans across all sectors of the German economy. Given the challenge of filling open positions with German workers, Germany actively pursues a policy of employing foreign labor. This is supported by the increasing number of amendments to the Residence Act, which eases the entry of foreign workers. Currently, there are over 50 different residence permits available for application, provided you meet the legally required conditions.

A common prerequisite for obtaining a work permit is:

  • a specific qualification
  • an employer and a signed employment contract
  • knowledge of the German language

The Duceus Portal allows you to discover the most attractive employers and apply for positions that match your skills and preferences. Whether it’s positions for highly skilled professionals or roles that require no specific qualifications, Duceus offers you the opportunity to submit your application and the chance to secure permission. What sets us apart from other job platforms is the opportunity to learn the German language on our own portal, which is a key requirement for obtaining a visa and work permit. Our language program is designed to teach the language up to level B1. By registering on the portal, you gain access to essential information about the prerequisites for immigration and work in Germany, as well as a wealth of details on the processes of visiting and preparing documents for the German embassy to obtain a visa, along with information on the integration process into the German system. With just one click, you become part of the Duceus family, which has been assisting diligent and motivated non-EU country workers in finding suitable employment in Germany and starting a new life within the European Union for years.

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