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Mario Condric


Competence. Strength. Idea.

After graduating from the school of economics, Mario Čondrić built his career as a successful sales manager within many companies in Germany. After many years of working in the sales sector, Mario has focused his interest on the field of care and nursing for the elderly and infirm.With the knowledge he gained during many years of work but also personal negative experiences, he decided to open his own Duceus intensive care at home.
His work concept is based on the absolute humane principles, in which the focus is on the person, i.e. the needs of each participant in the project individually. At the very beginning of his work, he has faced a lack of qualified workers and thus has decided to apply innovative solutions for the already growing trend of labor shortage. The newly established office in Belgrade, which aimed to find the best staff, has soon enough become the center for workers from all over the Balkans. Based on previous knowledge and experience, Mario and his team are enthusiastically accomplishing a new vision – opening European doors to workers in the Orient countries

“My people are my strength. My vision is to break down the obstacles that separate us and give everyone the opportunity to find their place under the European sky”.
Mario Condric.

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