Marina Manjić

Marina Manjic

HR Manager

Knowledge. Empathy. Adaptability.

After completing high school, Marina Manjic enrolls at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Belgrade in the group for working with juvenile offenders. She successfully completes her studies but finds employment in the sales department, where she is promoted to a manager after a few months of work.

Working in sales motivates Marina to enroll in a Master’s program in Human Resources Management at the University of Belgrade. Soon after, she has the opportunity to join a company dedicated exclusively to employee competence development. There, she successfully leverages her theoretical knowledge and experience from the sales sector by using the needs of each employee as the foundation for creating a strong, stable, and competitive company in the market.

In 2019, she becomes part of the Duceus team as the head HR manager. After two years, she is transferred to Turkey as a coordinator for the opening of the Istanbul office. Following the successful opening of the offices, Marina returns and becomes an HR generalist for Duceus in Germany.

She successfully brings her prior experience in dealing with people from different socio-economic backgrounds into the development of the Duceus portal. She doesn’t forget to apply her sales sector experience to the company’s business development by researching the market and generating new ideas for expanding the business operations.