Handan Seker

Handan Seker

HR Specialist

Seriousness. Thoroughness. Systematic approach.

Handan Şeker has had a successful career journey with an inspiring story behind it. As someone who came to Germany from Turkey at a young age, she began her professional career in the retail industry as an assistant head cashier after completing middle school. Her work ethic is based on German discipline, while she also carries valuable qualities from Turkish culture within her.

During this time, she had the opportunity to prove herself through creative and successful projects in human resources and accounting. She worked hard to build a trusted name in the business world and used her experiences and knowledge in the industry at every step. Her achievements serve as motivation for both her German colleagues and other people who take pride in their Turkish heritage.

Today, Mrs. Şeker brings her gained experiences and knowledge in human resources and accounting to Duceus. Her goal is to contribute to the success of the company and promote the happiness and development of the employees by bridging both cultures. With passion and dedication, she strives to bring people together and provide added value to Duceus.