Danijela Sopar

Danijela Sopar

Project manager

Experience. Analytics. Dedication.

After a pharmaceutical education and many years of work in public pharmacies, Danijela Sopar followed her marketing intuition and joined one of Germany’s leading marketing agencies as a Key Account Manager for pharmacy marketing.

In her personal life, Mrs. Sopar has been passionately cooking in her husband’s family restaurant for 30 years and supports the management of the restaurant together with their three children.

Her fondness for organization, administrative tasks, and enthusiasm for developing concepts for foreign professionals with a strong commitment to human principles led Mrs. Sopar to Duceus. Drawing on her accumulated experience, she takes on the role of project manager for visa and recognition procedures in the company.

A perfectly organized onboarding process is particularly important to her at this point, being an essential component for both employers and employees for their new life in Germany. The recognition process for diplomas obtained abroad is also a significant part of Mrs. Sopar’s daily routine.

With her extensive experience in the field of skilled labor shortages, Mrs. Sopar is politically committed to advancing the simplification and securing of skilled labor in Germany.

Her favorite motto in this regard is: “We invite professionals, and people came… and I take care of them