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Our Duceus Magazine is here!

Duceus is excited to introduce its first magazine for you and your family. In this magazine, we focus on topics related to a healthy lifestyle and things that can enrich your life. From tips for managing health issues to inspiring stories and practical advice, our magazine offers a wealth of information to assist you and your loved ones.

We take pride in maintaining our unique style, known for its distinctiveness and accessibility to everyone. Our goal is to provide content that is relevant and engaging for all our readers, regardless of your medical situation or background. We aim to offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Stay tuned for enlightening articles, expert interviews, and success stories from individuals who have successfully improved their health. Duceus remains committed to delivering high-quality content and accompanying you on your journey towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Get your copy now and discover how Duceus can support you!

2020-Our little footballers

That’s great to hear that Duceus sponsored a children’s soccer team in 2020 and aimed to support young talents. Supporting youth teams is a wonderful way to give young individuals the opportunity to develop their skills and unlock their potential in sports.


2023-Duceus has once again made the youngest ones happy.

That sounds fantastic! It’s great to hear that Duceus is active again and this time supporting the mixed team of the Germania Enkheim football club. Providing jerseys for the children is a generous gesture and will surely help them to stand on the field with pride and team spirit.