Hatice Aksoy Çiçek

Hatice Aksoy Çiçek

Project manager​

Enthusiasm. Expertise. Positivity.

Hatice Aksoy Çiçek was born in Frankfurt am Main to Turkish parents and spent her childhood and youth there. After successfully completing her high school education, she continued her academic journey, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology from Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, followed by her Master’s degree in Economic and Financial Sociology from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.

During her studies, she volunteered in student organizations dedicated to intercultural and international cooperation while simultaneously gaining professional experience in marketing, people strategy, and working as a research assistant at the university.

In 2020, she moved to Istanbul, where she worked as a Change Manager at a national company. Through her dedication and skills, Ms. Aksoy Çiçek was able to develop and implement effective strategies to optimize work processes and improve the work environment for employees.

Her strong interest in intercultural exchange, knowledge of both her home countries, and her professional and academic experiences led her to Duceus Yönetim Danışmanlığı in 2022, where she now serves as a Project Manager and Authorized Signatory. In this role, she significantly contributes to the successful execution of various projects, overseeing their progress and implementation.

In addition to her leadership qualities, strong work ethic, and empathetic approach to her colleagues, Ms. Aksoy Çiçek supports the company with her ability to tackle complex social and economic challenges and develop innovative solutions.