German online course

A prerequisite for living and  working in Germany is, of course, language – without completing a language course at at least level B1 (depending on the profession, B2 level may be required) you cannot get work visa for Germany. But, regardless of that, we recommend it to anyone who is planning to move to learn the language of the country in which he wants to live and work. Knowing the language of the target country allows you faster integration, making social contacts and communicating professionally environment, and thus further development.

By purchasing one of our employee packages you get access to our methodological designed and recorded online German course – created and taught by our licensee professor of German. With over 60 videos, starting at level A1 (absolute beginner) to level B1, each user will have the opportunity to master the German language to the extent that is sufficient to obtain the required certificate. In addition to accessing our learning videos, every user who buys a package will receive additional material.

Included in our package