Bekir Zurlu

Bekir Zurlu

Sales representative

Creativity. Communication skills. Modernity.

Bekir Zurlu, who embarked on a professional career early on, quickly attracted attention as an emerging talent in the business world. His skills and experiences in accounting, customer consultation, and graphic design allow him to stand out as a versatile professional in the business arena.

In addition to his past experiences and successes, Mr. Zurlu is distinguished by his outstanding qualities. His precise and organized work style, as well as his strong multitasking abilities, enable him to efficiently handle complex tasks and maintain an overview.

Furthermore, Mr. Zurlu is known for his trustworthiness. He handles confidential information with the utmost care and is consistently reliable in fulfilling his duties.

With these experiences and qualities, he currently enhances the team as an accounting assistant and demonstrates outstanding performance in this role as well as in various other areas of responsibility due to his versatility.