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Establischment of the Company – The Commencement of a New Chapter!

Language course for Clients- We have expanded our business and formed the initial language groups



Over 800 healthcare professionals have been successfully placed in Germany

Opening of Duceus Intensive Care GmbH – Leveraging our existing resources, we have inaugurated our intensive care services, marking the commencement of a new chapter in our journey



Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully doubled our workforce

Opening of Our Office at Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey, and Commencement of the Development of the Duceus Job Portal



Initiation of the acquisition process of potential employers in Germany for the Duceus Job Portal

Duceus is a company that initially focused on the professional placement of qualified personnel in the healthcare sector and quickly evolved into a reliable and competent partner in the industry. Our primary emphasis is on connecting skilled professionals with employers in EU countries, predominantly in Germany. In 2019, we expanded our portfolio by establishing Duceus Intensivpflege GmbH, our own intensive care services subsidiary. Since then, this new business segment has experienced consistent growth.
In addition to these two areas, spurred by a shortage of skilled professionals in nearly every industry in Germany, we have expanded our portfolio to encompass various occupational fields through the development of the Duceus Job Portal. This strategic move aims to achieve broader coverage of the open labor market. Our objective is to reach as many interested and qualified applicants as possible through the Duceus Job Portal, who are unable to find suitable employment in their home country but are urgently needed here. We aim to establish connections with potential employers primarily based in Germany.

In 2021, we established an office in Istanbul to create a qualified hub for potential employees from Turkey. A significant milestone in this endeavor was the request from the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry to form an official partnership, an opportunity we gladly embraced.

Since then, we have been diligently working on advancing the Duceus Job Portal. Our team members, both in Turkey and Germany, are actively engaged in acquiring potential skilled professionals. Our hard work is being rewarded with a steady increase in daily registrations on the Job Portal.


Frankfurt, Germany

Belgrade, Serbia

Istanbul, Turkey

Duceus Locations

Frankfurt am Mine Skyscraper skyline building at morning in Frankfurt, Germany.

Duceus Germany

Our headquarters in Germany, located in Dreieich, Hesse, spans over 1,000 square meters of office space. In a pleasant atmosphere, our colleagues diligently execute all ongoing Duceus projects. The modernly designed premises, featuring not only workspaces but also relaxation areas, are crafted to make everyone feel at home. This comfortable environment fosters a positive energy that we leverage in our daily work. We have also prioritized attention to detail in ensuring the utmost convenience for our team.

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge or 15th July Martyrs Bridge at sunset. Istanbul, Turkey

Duceus Turkey

The Duceus office in Turkey is situated in the Trump Tower Business Center in the European part of Istanbul. This well-equipped office, staffed by 5 employees fluent in both German and Turkish, serves as the initial point of contact for foreign personnel with the German business culture. Naturally, we ensure a pleasant and modern working atmosphere for our employees in these offices as well.

Kalemegdan Fortress and Victor Monument at Sunset, Belgrade, Serbia

Duceus Serbia

Our third office in Belgrade, originally the inception of Duceus, serves as our representation and support in Serbia. As this is our origin, we are nationally recognized and well-connected. The fusion of Serbian hospitality and German discipline has distinguished this office in Southeast Europe.

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