Nikola Marković

Nikola Markovic


Logic. Energy. Discipline.

After completing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, Mr. Markovic embarked on his career in the financial sector of an international company with a presence in Belgrade. Alongside his first professional opportunity, Mr. Markovic decided to become self-employed and, together with his then-friend and current business partner Mario Condric, founded his own company in Belgrade. The main business field is the recruitment of qualified healthcare professionals from the former Yugoslav region to Germany. The Belgrade office soon became the central office for the entire region, prompting Mr. Markovic to leave his career at the company and fully dedicate himself to the operation of his own business.

After achieving positive results in the Serbian branch, Nikola transitioned to the central office in Germany as the managing director. In the same year, he enrolled in a Master’s program in Business Economics at the University of Belgrade, which he successfully completed with an average grade of 9. Currently, he, along with Mr. Condric, leads the companies Duceus Intensivpflege GmbH and Duceus as managing director and an expert in finance and business economics, contributing to the growth of these two sister companies. In the business world, he also brings his personal characteristics, including a constant drive for self-improvement and focused work, which involves commitment, organization, and discipline.