Medical professionals

1. Available Healthcare Job Opportunities

After registering on the Duceus Portal, it's time to complete your profile and review job listings in your category. Once you've found a suitable job posting, it's time to apply for the open position.

2. Applying for a Job

Applying for an open job position requires that you have previously filled out the Duceus Portal work biography form. The work biography, filled out in the German language, is submitted as part of your job application. If you wish to use one of your previously created biographies, Duceus also offers that option.

3. Online German Language Learning

A parallel process to your job application is learning the German language. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Duceus Portal and learn the German language up to a B1 language level.

4. Diploma Recognition Process

Another process that runs parallel to the aforementioned steps is the process of diploma recognition. Depending on the state in which your future employer is located, the responsible institution for diploma recognition varies. You can find all information about the general documentation and guidelines for this process within the Duceus Portal.

5. Visa Application Process

Once you have successfully completed all the previous steps, it's time to start collecting the necessary documentation for obtaining a German visa. From applying for an appointment at the embassy to preparing for your scheduled appointment, Duceus Portal provides all the necessary information.

6. Integration into the New System

Have you found an employer? Has your diploma been recognized in the German education system? Have you successfully completed the visa application process? It's time to relocate! Reserve your ticket! Do you think that's all? The integration process starts from the moment you step onto German territory. Everything that can help you integrate into the German system as quickly as possible can be found on the Duceus Portal.

Danijela Sopar

Danijela Sopar

Project manager

Experience. Analytics. Dedication.

After a pharmaceutical education and many years of work in public pharmacies, Danijela Sopar followed her marketing intuition and joined one of Germany’s leading marketing agencies as a Key Account Manager for pharmacy marketing.

In her personal life, Mrs. Sopar has been passionately cooking in her husband’s family restaurant for 30 years and supports the management of the restaurant together with their three children.

Her fondness for organization, administrative tasks, and enthusiasm for developing concepts for foreign professionals with a strong commitment to human principles led Mrs. Sopar to Duceus. Drawing on her accumulated experience, she takes on the role of project manager for visa and recognition procedures in the company.

A perfectly organized onboarding process is particularly important to her at this point, being an essential component for both employers and employees for their new life in Germany. The recognition process for diplomas obtained abroad is also a significant part of Mrs. Sopar’s daily routine.

With her extensive experience in the field of skilled labor shortages, Mrs. Sopar is politically committed to advancing the simplification and securing of skilled labor in Germany.

Her favorite motto in this regard is: “We invite professionals, and people came… and I take care of them

Selim Cimrin

Selim Cimrin

Sales representative

Tradition. Loyalty to principles. Devotion.

Selim Cimrin, a man with a strong educational background in high school, possesses a motivated personality. Throughout his academic journey, he has developed fundamental skills and talents that make him a valuable asset in any team or work environment.

As a team player, he has been successful in collaboration and believes in the exceptional results that can be achieved through collective efforts. His excellent communication skills enable him to effectively convey his ideas and build positive relationships with colleagues and clients. He is always ready to take initiative and demonstrate his problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges.

One of his strengths lies in efficiently handling multiple tasks simultaneously. With a high level of productivity, he consistently pays attention to details and can successfully manage multiple responsibilities at the same time. Furthermore, due to his reliable work ethic, he consistently delivers dependable results.

Selim Cimrin has had the opportunity to gain diverse work experiences in various fields and companies. These experiences have allowed him to quickly adapt to different work environments and learn from various perspectives. He has great confidence in his ability to apply his skills and effectively contribute in any professional setting.

In addition to his professional skills, Selim Cimrin is also appreciated for his helpful and positive attitude. He enjoys assisting others and believes that a supportive work environment promotes both personal and professional growth.

Bekir Zurlu

Bekir Zurlu

Sales representative

Creativity. Communication skills. Modernity.

Bekir Zurlu, who embarked on a professional career early on, quickly attracted attention as an emerging talent in the business world. His skills and experiences in accounting, customer consultation, and graphic design allow him to stand out as a versatile professional in the business arena.

In addition to his past experiences and successes, Mr. Zurlu is distinguished by his outstanding qualities. His precise and organized work style, as well as his strong multitasking abilities, enable him to efficiently handle complex tasks and maintain an overview.

Furthermore, Mr. Zurlu is known for his trustworthiness. He handles confidential information with the utmost care and is consistently reliable in fulfilling his duties.

With these experiences and qualities, he currently enhances the team as an accounting assistant and demonstrates outstanding performance in this role as well as in various other areas of responsibility due to his versatility.

Handan Seker

Handan Seker

HR Specialist

Seriousness. Thoroughness. Systematic approach.

Handan Şeker has had a successful career journey with an inspiring story behind it. As someone who came to Germany from Turkey at a young age, she began her professional career in the retail industry as an assistant head cashier after completing middle school. Her work ethic is based on German discipline, while she also carries valuable qualities from Turkish culture within her.

During this time, she had the opportunity to prove herself through creative and successful projects in human resources and accounting. She worked hard to build a trusted name in the business world and used her experiences and knowledge in the industry at every step. Her achievements serve as motivation for both her German colleagues and other people who take pride in their Turkish heritage.

Today, Mrs. Şeker brings her gained experiences and knowledge in human resources and accounting to Duceus. Her goal is to contribute to the success of the company and promote the happiness and development of the employees by bridging both cultures. With passion and dedication, she strives to bring people together and provide added value to Duceus.

Hatice Aksoy Çiçek

Hatice Aksoy Çiçek

Project manager​

Enthusiasm. Expertise. Positivity.

Hatice Aksoy Çiçek was born in Frankfurt am Main to Turkish parents and spent her childhood and youth there. After successfully completing her high school education, she continued her academic journey, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology from Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, followed by her Master’s degree in Economic and Financial Sociology from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.

During her studies, she volunteered in student organizations dedicated to intercultural and international cooperation while simultaneously gaining professional experience in marketing, people strategy, and working as a research assistant at the university.

In 2020, she moved to Istanbul, where she worked as a Change Manager at a national company. Through her dedication and skills, Ms. Aksoy Çiçek was able to develop and implement effective strategies to optimize work processes and improve the work environment for employees.

Her strong interest in intercultural exchange, knowledge of both her home countries, and her professional and academic experiences led her to Duceus Yönetim Danışmanlığı in 2022, where she now serves as a Project Manager and Authorized Signatory. In this role, she significantly contributes to the successful execution of various projects, overseeing their progress and implementation.

In addition to her leadership qualities, strong work ethic, and empathetic approach to her colleagues, Ms. Aksoy Çiçek supports the company with her ability to tackle complex social and economic challenges and develop innovative solutions.


Nikola Marković

Nikola Markovic


Logic. Energy. Discipline.

After completing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, Mr. Markovic embarked on his career in the financial sector of an international company with a presence in Belgrade. Alongside his first professional opportunity, Mr. Markovic decided to become self-employed and, together with his then-friend and current business partner Mario Condric, founded his own company in Belgrade. The main business field is the recruitment of qualified healthcare professionals from the former Yugoslav region to Germany. The Belgrade office soon became the central office for the entire region, prompting Mr. Markovic to leave his career at the company and fully dedicate himself to the operation of his own business.

After achieving positive results in the Serbian branch, Nikola transitioned to the central office in Germany as the managing director. In the same year, he enrolled in a Master’s program in Business Economics at the University of Belgrade, which he successfully completed with an average grade of 9. Currently, he, along with Mr. Condric, leads the companies Duceus Intensivpflege GmbH and Duceus as managing director and an expert in finance and business economics, contributing to the growth of these two sister companies. In the business world, he also brings his personal characteristics, including a constant drive for self-improvement and focused work, which involves commitment, organization, and discipline.

Marina Manjić

Marina Manjic

HR Manager

Knowledge. Empathy. Adaptability.

After completing high school, Marina Manjic enrolls at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation at the University of Belgrade in the group for working with juvenile offenders. She successfully completes her studies but finds employment in the sales department, where she is promoted to a manager after a few months of work.

Working in sales motivates Marina to enroll in a Master’s program in Human Resources Management at the University of Belgrade. Soon after, she has the opportunity to join a company dedicated exclusively to employee competence development. There, she successfully leverages her theoretical knowledge and experience from the sales sector by using the needs of each employee as the foundation for creating a strong, stable, and competitive company in the market.

In 2019, she becomes part of the Duceus team as the head HR manager. After two years, she is transferred to Turkey as a coordinator for the opening of the Istanbul office. Following the successful opening of the offices, Marina returns and becomes an HR generalist for Duceus in Germany.

She successfully brings her prior experience in dealing with people from different socio-economic backgrounds into the development of the Duceus portal. She doesn’t forget to apply her sales sector experience to the company’s business development by researching the market and generating new ideas for expanding the business operations.

How has the Turkish office developed?

Duceus in Turkey: A Look at 2022 and 2023

We at Duceus are proud to present the developments and successes of our recruitment activities in Turkey in the years 2022 and 2023. We have worked hard to strengthen our presence in Turkey and have achieved significant milestones in our mission to successfully connect talents and companies.


2022: A Year of Growth and Partnerships

In 2022, we intensified our commitment in Turkey. We forged local partnerships and expanded our resources to identify and nurture the best talent in the region. Our talent acquisition platform was optimized to help businesses attract top professionals.


2023: Innovation and Expansion

In 2023, we will continue our efforts to explore innovative ways of talent acquisition. We are introducing new technologies and tools to make the selection process more efficient and effective. Our team is focused on identifying and attracting the most outstanding talents for our clients in Germany.


Our vision remains the same: We want to help companies attract the best talent and provide professionals with the opportunity to advance their careers. Thank you for your trust in Duceus. We look forward to continued successful collaboration.

2023-Duceus has once again made the youngest ones happy.

That sounds fantastic! It’s great to hear that Duceus is active again and this time supporting the mixed team of the Germania Enkheim football club. Providing jerseys for the children is a generous gesture and will surely help them to stand on the field with pride and team spirit.

Sports activities like soccer can offer children numerous benefits. Besides promoting physical fitness, team sports also teach important values such as teamwork, perseverance, and fair play. By supporting the team, you give children the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

I hope that the children of the mixed team of Germania Enkheim will have a lot of joy with the new jerseys and that they gain even more motivation and self-confidence through them. I wish them a lot of success in their upcoming games and hope that they can bring home many trophies! It’s great that Duceus is contributing to promoting a passion for sports in young people.

Yours, Duceus!

2020-Our little footballers

That’s great to hear that Duceus sponsored a children’s soccer team in 2020 and aimed to support young talents. Supporting youth teams is a wonderful way to give young individuals the opportunity to develop their skills and unlock their potential in sports.

The promotion of young talents in sports is of great importance, as it not only encourages physical activity and teamwork but also imparts important life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and dealing with victories and defeats. By investing in sports, companies like Duceus are helping to promote positive development and a healthy future for young individuals.

It is inspiring to see how companies are taking on their social responsibility and actively contributing to the community by investing in programs that support young talents. Such initiatives can have a long-lasting impact by giving young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.


If Duceus continues to support young talents, this will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development of football and on the lives of the children involved. I hope that this also encourages other companies to take similar initiatives.

Yours, Duceus!

Additional Business Fields

Our Duceus Magazine is here!

Duceus is excited to introduce its first magazine for you and your family. In this magazine, we focus on topics related to a healthy lifestyle and things that can enrich your life. From tips for managing health issues to inspiring stories and practical advice, our magazine offers a wealth of information to assist you and your loved ones.

We take pride in maintaining our unique style, known for its distinctiveness and accessibility to everyone. Our goal is to provide content that is relevant and engaging for all our readers, regardless of your medical situation or background. We aim to offer valuable insights and inspiration.

Stay tuned for enlightening articles, expert interviews, and success stories from individuals who have successfully improved their health. Duceus remains committed to delivering high-quality content and accompanying you on your journey towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Get your copy now and discover how Duceus can support you!

2020-Our little footballers

That’s great to hear that Duceus sponsored a children’s soccer team in 2020 and aimed to support young talents. Supporting youth teams is a wonderful way to give young individuals the opportunity to develop their skills and unlock their potential in sports.


2023-Duceus has once again made the youngest ones happy.

That sounds fantastic! It’s great to hear that Duceus is active again and this time supporting the mixed team of the Germania Enkheim football club. Providing jerseys for the children is a generous gesture and will surely help them to stand on the field with pride and team spirit.



About Duceus

With over 8 years of experience in the healthcare sector as a service provider and recruiter for foreign workers, Duceus has the highest expertise required for the operation of the medical industry. We have now expanded this experience to other sectors as well and are working to meet the same high standards here.

Duceus Office

The perfection we strive for in our work, we also aim to achieve in the design of our work environment. Our guiding motto is: “A cluttered workspace means cluttered work habits. A sloppy work environment leads to sloppy results.” – Larry Winget. Our offices are designed in a modern style. We make ample use of open spaces for collaborative meetings, idea exchange, and, of course, the occasional celebration. While we are committed to a modern open-space design, each employee has their individual space – closed offices where the magic happens. Our headquarters are located in the Business Forum Center in a quiet area in Dreieich, Hesse, near Frankfurt. The blend of modernity, individuality, and simplicity is complemented by the warmth of collectivism and a sense of community, making our company unique.

Duceus Team

Who is Duceus and what is it? Duceus is a mechanism that would be nothing without the people who constitute it. These are our colleagues! Each of us brings new knowledge, acquired experiences, and energy that perfectly complements everything we have created so far. All our colleagues are analytical, enthusiastic, and each of them is an integral part of a special Duceus system. Without our collective strength, we would not exist.

Duceus Stellenangebote

Call center, talking and happy woman in office for communication, support and contact us for customer service. Smile, telemarketing and sales agent, consultant or employee listening to conversation.

Vertriebsmitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Janitor Cleaning Office Desk. Hygiene Cleaner Service

Reinigungsfachkraft (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Female professional giving a high five to her colleague in conference room. Group of colleagues celebrating success in a meeting.

Marketingmitarbeiter/in (m/w/d)

Wir suchen neue, begeisterte Kollegen, die unser Team ergänzen werden!

Your Benefits at Duceus


We are constantly looking for qualified, cheerful, friendly, empathetic, and reliable colleagues who can enrich our team!

We are very proud that our team has been working together since day one, with a 98% retention rate, and continues to grow together. This shows us that DUCEUS is doing many things right as an employer. In addition to above-average salaries, a great and cheerful team atmosphere with shared lunches and spontaneous events, we always try to address the occasionally unexpected personal incidents of our employees – so far, we have found a solution for every problem or request!

Would you like to be a part of our DUCEUS family as well? Apply in an unconventional way with a short video on our social media platforms or in a traditional manner with a job application. Besides your professional qualifications, which are a fundamental requirement, your personality is important to us. We look forward to getting to know you!